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ZEROJAPAN Insense Holder Square White C import - WH 01 Sale price japan discount

ZEROJAPAN Insense Holder Square White C - 01 WH (japan import)


ZEROJAPAN Insense Holder Square White C - 01 WH (japan import)

Product description

ZERO JAPAN INC. was established in 1992. Gifu pref. especially around our area called MINO. The history of producing the ceramic ware is very old. It began hundreds of years ago. We tried to learn the traditional skills from the history and combine the new technique to produce our products. We have been trying to keep our ideology since the beginning. It consists of three concepts: Good Looking, The Good Touch and very useful. These three simple concepts are what makes our products special. We also design our new items based on these ideas. ZERO JAPAN is proud to introduce eMade in Japan' on all of our original products have been successfully marketed in the U.S.A. ZERO JAPAN products are getting well recognized in several countries as well. We try to develop the new idea and new design which has not been seen on the market yet. We also try to produce the items which are left in the history for the future. ZERO JAPAN products would like to be loved and to be with your happy life for a long time. All the products are Made in Japan and the design and the quality is getting high reputation from many countries. We check the quality and assemble one by one with the strict manuals at our own warehouse in Japan. The quality has been maintained and improved since we start our production.

ZEROJAPAN Insense Holder Square White C - 01 WH (japan import)

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