DIAMOND,100,12,www.japanirelandtravel.jp,$46,Teeth,Pack),TCT,Inch,/defluent75993.html,Non-Ferrous,(2,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,VAB,Me,VORTEX 2 Pack VORTEX DIAMOND VAB 12 TCT Non-Ferrous Me 100 Max 74% OFF Inch Teeth $46 (2 Pack) VORTEX DIAMOND VAB 12 Inch 100 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Me Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 2 Pack VORTEX DIAMOND VAB 12 TCT Non-Ferrous Me 100 Max 74% OFF Inch Teeth $46 (2 Pack) VORTEX DIAMOND VAB 12 Inch 100 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Me Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools DIAMOND,100,12,www.japanirelandtravel.jp,$46,Teeth,Pack),TCT,Inch,/defluent75993.html,Non-Ferrous,(2,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,VAB,Me,VORTEX

2 Pack VORTEX DIAMOND VAB 12 TCT Non-Ferrous Me 100 Max 74% OFF Inch Complete Free Shipping Teeth

(2 Pack) VORTEX DIAMOND VAB 12 Inch 100 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Me


(2 Pack) VORTEX DIAMOND VAB 12 Inch 100 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Me

Product description

Size:12 Inch 100 Teeth (2 PACK)

Vortex Diamond provides a high quality and professional grade metal cutting carbide blade used for cutting Non ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and more as well as plastics, Plexiglas, PVC, Acrylics amp; fiberglass. The blades can be used with circular saw, miter saw, table saw, radial arm saw, etc. The blades are ultra sharp and hard titanium carbide.

(2 Pack) VORTEX DIAMOND VAB 12 Inch 100 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Me

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