Dockers Men's Branded goods Athletic Fit Signature Stretch Khaki Pa Lux Cotton Pa,Cotton,Signature,,Lux,Dockers,Khaki,Stretch,Fit,Men's,/carbonizable93810.html,$21,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Athletic $21 Dockers Men's Athletic Fit Signature Khaki Lux Cotton Stretch Pa Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $21 Dockers Men's Athletic Fit Signature Khaki Lux Cotton Stretch Pa Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Dockers Men's Branded goods Athletic Fit Signature Stretch Khaki Pa Lux Cotton Pa,Cotton,Signature,,Lux,Dockers,Khaki,Stretch,Fit,Men's,/carbonizable93810.html,$21,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Athletic

Dockers Men's Branded goods Athletic Fit Signature Stretch Popular Khaki Pa Lux Cotton

Dockers Men's Athletic Fit Signature Khaki Lux Cotton Stretch Pa


Dockers Men's Athletic Fit Signature Khaki Lux Cotton Stretch Pa

Product description

A best-in-class khaki with dress pant details. Cut for an athletic fit that is roomier through the hip and thigh with a tapered leg, these feature stretch for performance and all-day comfort. No Wrinkles technology gives you a freshly pressed look around the clock and an Individual Fit Waistband offers up to 1" of extra room in the waist. Features a button-through front closure, a permanent front crease for elevated style, double welt button-through back pockets and fine topstitching. A super-soft fabric makes these your new workday go-to.

From the manufacturer

Dockers the authority in khaki for more than 30 years
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Dockers Men's Athletic Fit Signature Khaki Lux Cotton Stretch Pa

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Health and Fitness
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