Storage Bench with 3 Removable St Entryway Basket Indefinitely Classic $147 Storage Bench with 3 Removable Classic Basket, Entryway Bench St Home Kitchen Furniture St,Bench,Storage,Bench,Removable,Entryway,3,$147,Basket,,with,Home Kitchen , Furniture,,Classic,/campylometer76217.html Storage Bench with 3 Removable St Entryway Basket Indefinitely Classic $147 Storage Bench with 3 Removable Classic Basket, Entryway Bench St Home Kitchen Furniture St,Bench,Storage,Bench,Removable,Entryway,3,$147,Basket,,with,Home Kitchen , Furniture,,Classic,/campylometer76217.html

Storage Bench with 3 Removable St Entryway Basket Indefinitely Max 81% OFF Classic

Storage Bench with 3 Removable Classic Basket, Entryway Bench St


Storage Bench with 3 Removable Classic Basket, Entryway Bench St

Product description

Color:Antique Navy

A Multi-functional classic, the Harper Bright Designs Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench is designed to be used as a bench, footrest and storage unit, giving you three uses in one product. A beautiful entryway idea, this Storage Bench and baskets give you a way to keep shoes, hats, scarves and mittens in one place! This storage ottoman bench will add the perfect touch to your home.

Storage Bench Features:

Sturdy base design for peace of mind

Bring you large storage space and hide the chaos situation

The hand-woven rattan frame feels smooth and moisture-proof

Designed to be used as a bench, footrest and storage unit, giving you three uses in one product

No assembly required, anyone can begin enjoying this elegant and understated table

Storage Bench Specifications:
Material: Acacia wood frame + MDF panels
Overall Dimension: 41.3“L x 15.7”W x 17”H
Overall Weight: 37.5 LBS
Package Dimension: 48“L x 20”W x 19”H
Package Weight: 44 LBS
Top shelf Weight Capacity: 264.55 LBS
Fabric basket Weight Capacity: 44 LBS

1. Dimensions based off of manual measurement, there may be reasonable error.
2. Items may slightly differ from photo in terms of color due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor's display.

Storage Bench with 3 Removable Classic Basket, Entryway Bench St

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